Trump’s rural America not as bad ass as they claim.

I live in  Harlan  a ruby red Trump county they claim they want to clean up the government when they don’t even have the nerve to clean up their own communities.  They allow a few drug deals and junkies  run rough shod over their communities while they cower in fear.

They buy their guns in bulk not for protection but because it makes them feel better about themselves.  The hide behind their computers and cell phones and they are loud and you would think they are a one bad asses. But let something bad happen in their communities and watch how fast they crawl back in their shells not to be heard from .

Harlan detention center is nothing but a revolving door for junkies drug dealers and thugs. My advice to rural America until you are ready to clean up your own back yard and communities don’t be trying to tell us you are going to make America great again because you are lying out your teeth .

Do you want to catch covid go to Florida your odds increase.

The facts are Florida has one of the greatest out breaks of covid in the world and there is no one to blame but Floridians and their republican government. Until we reach heard immunity covid is a real threat.

Fact is Trump supporters are 5 to 1 more likely to refuse the covid shot not on facts but on their political agenda. Wearing a mask is not a sign of weakness it is a sign of strength to defeat covid. Refusing to wear a mask is a sign of weakness in understanding the facts and science behind covid.

Not wearing a mask does not make you a patriot wearing a mask makes you a patriot because you put the health and well being of others before your self interest. The governor of Florida has to go and the people of Florida know what they have to do vote him out or impeach him.