Since January 6th 2021 millions of posts that did not violate Facebook rules were removed from Facebook and millions were penalized for these posts and Facebook refused to show the people how and why such posts violated which rules.

We first noticed this change in Facebook right after the insurrection the term (White Trash) which had been used since the CREATION of Facebook till the insurrection was deemed a proper term for Facebook and free speech.

After January 6th the term ( White Trash) some how violated their rules and tens of thousands of posts and comments were removed and millions were put in Facebook Jail for a period of time.  Facebook even went back years and checked peoples posts and comments and found them in violation.

The tech nerds at Facebook are writing programs for Facebook that they themselves do not know the side effects are. My small group of over 500 called Kick Azz News as of today has been deactivated over a 100 times for violating the so called community standards but every single time we appeal and have won what the hell is going on at Facebook.

The fact is Facebook has set themselves up as GOD of the internet they will decide what you can and can not say regardless if they violated Facebook standards . What Facebook has done is silenced free speech of millions of Americans while allowing false information to be published on their platform in the name of free speech.

Here is one test we ran on Facebook we found a post on a profile we thought violated the rules and we reported it to only get a message from Facebook saying it did not violate their rules. So we copied the post and placed it on our own wall and Facebook removed it and gave us three days in jail for posting a post that went against community standards.

As of today Facebook has evolved into a monster that everyone of us will have to deal with on a personal level the tech nerds at Facebook got it wrong and need to learn how to write code that actually works and has no ill side effects.

Someone needs to launch a platform like Facebook but keep it simple to use we have one platform called liker but it is just to damned complicated to use. I myself have thought about leaving Facebook but i decided to stay and fight for our rights of free speech.

Ladies if you live in Texas you have to carry a rapist baby to term.

My friends we have went through the looking glass in this country The Texas law will allow other states to follow their law. The fact the scotus  let this law go into effect tells us exactly the plans of the scotus to overturn roe v wade without saying a word.

Texas has a ban on masks and mandating covid shots saying the health of a person should be left up to the person but yet Texas wants to control every vagina in these united states.

Ladies if you are not mad as hell then you need to get there or you will see your rights disappear in a blink of a eye. Republicans call abortion murder but i am here to tell you there is a huge list of things that would fall under the title of murder if they want to go down that road.

Things we have scoffed at that has come true is civil war next?????

We scoffed at the idea America would elect a Nincompoop like Trump for president.

We scoffed at the idea the Republican party would become the party of insurrection .

We scoffed at the idea That roe v wade would ever be overturned and or restricted to the point it literally bans abortion.

We scoffed at the idea that republican congress people would side with  insurrection.

We scoffed at the idea that republicans would succeed in suppressing voters and enacting Jim crow laws.

My friends we had better get our heads out of our butts before the scoffing of a civil war becomes reality. If Trump republicans are not defeated in all levels of government we will suffer more than we ever imagined. I could go on with the list above but i think the point has been made.