The midterm primary elections proves there is a metastasized Trump cancer in our country.

My friends as we speak there are Trump lap dogs being put in positions and running for offices or have won primaries that could give them the power to overthrow elections they don’t like the outcome of in local state and federal positions.

The majority of Americans feel helpless as they watch rural America and the minority force its will upon the majority of Americans.  Will our fragile Democracy survive the Trump cancer that chapter of our history has yet to be written.

This country has been setting on a powder keg since 2016 and the decisions by the SCOTUS  coming out in a few days could be the match that lit the fuse. The majority of Americans feels like they are being held hostage by the minority.  The majority of Americans support common sense gun laws and they do not want Roe V Wade to be overturned.

The fact Donald Trump has not been charged indicted and found guilty of his crimes is leaving a sour taste in the majority of American mouths . I will leave you with this thought if democrats do not at least hold the house and the senate our democracy could be dead.

Betty Plumley