Facebook silenced 100,000 voices when they deactivated Kick Ass News

My friends its been eight months since we appealed the deactivation of Kick Ass News and we still have heard nothing. After January 6th Facebook went bonkers enacted community standards so broad any post could be considered a violation of community standards .

Facebook has absolute over all our accounts and can do what they choose Facebook was once known for open debate but it seems they spend more time silencing voices these days. If Facebook wants to censor and silence our voices then maybe they should shut down all political groups and let a new platform emerge.

I for one am tired of having posts removed and thrown in fakebook jail for posts i know that does not go against their community standard.. My small group of kick azz news gets deactivated at least two times a week i appeal and have never lost an appeal that there just proves they are deactivating groups willy nilly without a ounce of proof.

The time has come to speak out and ask to be treated fairly because freedom of speech actually means something and truth matters.

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