Living in the red county of Harlan Kentucky

Harlan County Kentucky is 95.9% white African American 2.1% The population is about 27 thousand 31.1% of the population lives in poverty. Per capita income 16,500 dollars per year. About 40% 11 thousand of Harlan Countains voted 85.35% voted for Donald Trump while only 13.62% voted for Joe Biden. There are about 20 thousand registered voters in Harlan Democrats 14,500 Republican 5,300 other 550. About one third of the population recieves a snap benifits about 7,000 recieves SSI benifits the unemployment rate is about 10%. Only 72% of Harlan countains has a high school or higher education which would put about 50% of Harlan Countains only has high school dipoloma that leaves 12% with a less than high school education.

My friends Harlan County is now a typical red republican county even though Democrats hold a three to one edge in registered voters it is clear from this data Democrats in name only crossed over and votes republican. The fact so many live in poverty and still votes republican is mind blowing. The fact so many vote against putting food on their table and roofs over their heads just can’t be explained but i am sure the answer is in the data somewhere.

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