Andrew Cuomo resigns guilty or innocent you decide.

In my opinion Andrew Cuomo did the right thing by resigning but my fear is this case will blur the lines between real sexual harassment and the emotion of just feeling uncomfortable about some action. This article is written by me who has been raped sexually assaulted and sexually harassed. The he said she said was never meant to find standing in our court of criminal law without some evidence or eye witness. Giving the he said she said strong standing in our court system without some kind of other evidence will do nothing but open up the Pandora’s box of  unsubstantiated  complaints which could bring down a person.

I have read the attorney Generals report and I can one hundred percent tell you what the majority of the women complained about was neither sexual assault or sexual harassment. Is Andrew Cuomo guilty of sexual assault or sexual harassment that is not left up to me or no one else to decide that is left up the the courts to decide and the evidence to speak.

Andrew Cuomo did the right thing to resign because the court of public opinion already found him guilt and so adjudged without seeing one iota of underlaying evidence. My biggest fear is cases like this is going to blur the lines so bad that real victims will not be taken seriously.

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