If you believe it is your right to choose to not wear a mask or get a covid shot then you have to believe its a woman’s right to control her own body

My friends people can not have it both ways they can not believe on one hand it is ok to take away a woman rights to control her own body but on the other hand support restrictions to the reproductive rights of a woman.

The fact is many states already has restrictions on a woman’s right to choose what happens to their own bodies. In my minds eye these people refusing to wear masks and refusing to take their shots are speaking out of both sides of their mouth for them this is all political as far as I can see.

Will Covid shut the nation down again

My friends everywhere I go I see people without masks and those refusing to get the covid shot they are out there spreading covid as cases surge. We should have attained herd immunity by now had covid not become a political issue.

Could covid shut our nation down again the answer is yes unless people get off their asses and get the shot. The best thing you can do for your family members and friends is convince them to get the shot. The next 30 days will determine how bad this new out break will be.

My advice is wear your mask get the shot and continue to social distance until we get covid under control . We must continue to fight the big lie and those that deny the facts it is our patriotic duty to do so.

Do you want to catch covid go to Florida your odds increase.

The facts are Florida has one of the greatest out breaks of covid in the world and there is no one to blame but Floridians and their republican government. Until we reach heard immunity covid is a real threat.

Fact is Trump supporters are 5 to 1 more likely to refuse the covid shot not on facts but on their political agenda. Wearing a mask is not a sign of weakness it is a sign of strength to defeat covid. Refusing to wear a mask is a sign of weakness in understanding the facts and science behind covid.

Not wearing a mask does not make you a patriot wearing a mask makes you a patriot because you put the health and well being of others before your self interest. The governor of Florida has to go and the people of Florida know what they have to do vote him out or impeach him.

Facebook silenced 100,000 voices when they deactivated Kick Ass News

My friends its been eight months since we appealed the deactivation of Kick Ass News and we still have heard nothing. After January 6th Facebook went bonkers enacted community standards so broad any post could be considered a violation of community standards .

Facebook has absolute over all our accounts and can do what they choose Facebook was once known for open debate but it seems they spend more time silencing voices these days. If Facebook wants to censor and silence our voices then maybe they should shut down all political groups and let a new platform emerge.

I for one am tired of having posts removed and thrown in fakebook jail for posts i know that does not go against their community standard.. My small group of kick azz news gets deactivated at least two times a week i appeal and have never lost an appeal that there just proves they are deactivating groups willy nilly without a ounce of proof.

The time has come to speak out and ask to be treated fairly because freedom of speech actually means something and truth matters.

Pass voting rights bills or Democrats will lose both houses of congress.

My friends the writing is on the wall republicans have passed many laws that has made it harder to vote the only way republicans can win in many states is to exclude as many voters as possible. We must pass a federal voting bill we can no longer allow states to Taylor their elections after their political views or suppress voters just to stay in power.

Republicans know if they allow everyone eligible to vote vote they will lose both houses and will be booted from power in many states. Democrats are at a crossroads the people expect them to act if they don’t odds are Democrats will lose both the house and senate. We must not allow the filibuster to stand in our way the only way our democracy works the way it supposed to is protect the voters rights to vote that means a federal law.

Andrew Cuomo resigns guilty or innocent you decide.

In my opinion Andrew Cuomo did the right thing by resigning but my fear is this case will blur the lines between real sexual harassment and the emotion of just feeling uncomfortable about some action. This article is written by me who has been raped sexually assaulted and sexually harassed. The he said she said was never meant to find standing in our court of criminal law without some evidence or eye witness. Giving the he said she said strong standing in our court system without some kind of other evidence will do nothing but open up the Pandora’s box of  unsubstantiated  complaints which could bring down a person.

I have read the attorney Generals report and I can one hundred percent tell you what the majority of the women complained about was neither sexual assault or sexual harassment. Is Andrew Cuomo guilty of sexual assault or sexual harassment that is not left up to me or no one else to decide that is left up the the courts to decide and the evidence to speak.

Andrew Cuomo did the right thing to resign because the court of public opinion already found him guilt and so adjudged without seeing one iota of underlaying evidence. My biggest fear is cases like this is going to blur the lines so bad that real victims will not be taken seriously.